Can You Read Me?

The Digital Book

Can You Read Me, by Vittoria Di Nizio, takes visual poetry up a level with its innovative and interactive way of creating poetry to be both the poem and the picture. Each poem is a window into the soul of the author, a glimpse into the complex emotions and experiences that have shaped her being. The images that adorn these pages are a mesmerizing fusion of code to design, a testament to the power of static lines to evoke beauty and chaos, order and disorder, in equal measure.

 You can flip through these pages reading the poems or just looking at them as an image or rather as a whole. Click > to flip through the spreads.

Interactive play

Yes... you can play within the book.These sets of codes are designed to you so they can interact and have an immersive experience. Some of these codes were used to create the visuals in Can You Read Me and now can be personalized by you. Play and interact with the codes and even go into the code and type in your own poem. Click the code button </> at the top right to go into the code.

Get creative.

Be your own author and artist.

Post your creation with the hashtag #CYRMTHESIS & tag @vitalicized